On a 688.000sqm land more than 3000 units are designed containing 78 apartments (8-9 story), 388 villas(200sqm to 550sqm).3 different types of apartments are the outer boundary of the project so that apartment users can have clear view.

Big commercial areas (100.000sqm) planned near main road, and 2 more commercials (2000sqm/ea.) near center of land.  Center area is social, educational and commercial zone for this project. You can enter this project both sides of shopping mall. Surrounding ring road reduce internal traffic so that central zone has better place to villas.

Center zone is the heart, covered by 4 types of villa zone, surrounded by 3 types apartment blocks is the base point of this small city called Hewa City will be constructed in Baghdad in a few years.
In this project Creative Design was responsible for master planning, concept designs of villas and apartments, landscape design and preliminary floor plans of every building and 3D visualizations. 
  • LAND AREA : 688800sqm