On a land of 80.500sqm, a shopping mall, 18 type-A villa (300sqm), 14 type-B villa (400sqm) is placed on the front side, 4 VIP apartments (16 floors), 16 apartments (ground floor commercial + 18 floors) are on the sides. In the center there is a mosque you can easily reach and pools and sitting places around the mosque. Underground parking area is placed under the whole green area in the center.
Near apartment sides playground areas, on corners sport areas designed. 
VIP apartment’s roof, there are both fitness center and open swimming pool designed for only apartment users. If you are one of in VIP apartment user, whenever you want to swim or go fitness just go to the roof level. Also there is sitting place that has a great view of Erbil.
In this project Creative Design was responsible for master planning, concept designs of villas and apartments, landscape design and preliminary floor plans of every building and also 3D visualizations. 
  • LAND AREA : 80000sqm