About Us

The work fields of Creative Design contains all services in the duration of a project from theory until practice.

Experience in planning, creativity in design, discipline in Engineering.
Creative Design provides the service in order to create unique projects of design and engineering via exclusive architecture and engineer team in the Iraq Office. Creative Design leads you by its hundreds of project experiences when it determines your necessaries. After preparing unique design options by architecture of Creative Design, the engineers have been preparing the static project, electricity project, installation project and mechanic project according to the international standards and specifications.

Word and shape are in the compatible: creative Projects and Creative Expressings.

By the high presentation technics, the customers of the Creative Design has domination on all details of the project. The details of the project is presented in a creative way by the technic of 3 dimentions of visualization.Crative Design team knows the creative projects can find meaning when they are expressed  in a creative way. For the professsinal presentations the newest technologies has been using.

%100 conformity of architecture and engineering.
All work steps in the Creative Design are coordinated by the project directors. By the comfort and safety, the customers of the Creative Design can carry out their projects in an unexpected short time by connection with only one company. Furthermore, %100 conformity of the architecture and engineering the tranqulity has been providing about unexpected costs and delayings.

Creative Design Iraq; the center is in Iraq and the Team is in Iraq
Creative Design with its vast experience in the region has domination on the dynamics and conditions in the region. The entire team lives and works in Iraq.

Close Ties with the Turkey's Powerful Construction Companies
Creative Design in Turkey is in cooperation with top-level suppliers and sub-contractors which makes it advantageous in both, controlling the costs and access to the labor force.

The Wealth and of Diversity Project
Creative Design, has been conclued hundreds of dazzling projects in Iraq. Implemented the differencial bridge, industrial structure and residental ideas. (Ideas in Action) You can see the project section for the details.